Pet dangers you need to know about before your Super Bowl party

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Keep an eye on your pets if they'll be around a Super Bowl party this weekend. There are dangers that could hurt your pet and it's not just from the food but the packaging it comes in.

According to a number of groups including Prevent Pet Suffocation, pet owners report their animals die after putting their head in food packaging like chip bags. According to the group it only takes between three and four minutes for a dog to die from suffocation in a chip bag. The group says it happens when a dog tries to breathe and the bag tightens, creating a vacuum-like seal.

"A lot of times they can get stuck inside that bag, which can make it tough for them to breath," said Dr. Tim Queeney, with the Animal Hospital at Lake Brandt. "It's always a good idea to serve your snacks out of a bowl rather than leave them with the bags out. When you are disposing of the bag, flatten it out by cutting it so they don't have any opportunity."

Queeney says it also best to keep fatty foods away from your pets.

"Fatty foods for dogs aren't always the best option because they are prone to pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas."

Another concern is if you are hosting a party and your pet doesn't do well with loud noises.

"A lot of dogs do better by themselves in a bedroom when large crowds are around," Queeney said. "A good idea for anxious pets is to keep them in the bedroom, maybe turn the radio on for some ambient noise so they aren't exposed to so much yelling and screaming at the TV when there is a touchdown."