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Guilford County students use robotics to get hands-on learning

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- If you want to see our community's future leaders in technology and innovation, just stop by the first robotics club at the Early College at Guilford on a Friday night.

High school students are making state-of-the-art robotics and they do everything from coding to operating.

"Honestly, it is a varsity sport in my eyes," said 17-year-old student Shiv Oza. "We're going to competitions we're pumped up, we're building robots."

They are like athletes of the mind: coding building and testing robots of the future.

"I see a lot of the kind of low-labor jobs right now being replaced by robotics," said 18-year-old Erin Goeke. "I see a lot of improvement in precision of sensors, which allows for more autonomous code."

For four hours, the room is buzzing with learning and preparing these intricate machines for the next competition.

The program also helps empower students and give them a real sense of passion.

"I never knew I actually wanted to do engineering, I wanted to do political science and then after coming into the club, seeing this environment, it's just amazing," said Oza.

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