7-year-old South Carolina boy finds cash stolen in bank robbery

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. — A 7-year-old South Carolina boy discovered a hidden stash of cash from a recent bank robbery during a trip to the toy store with his father.

While on their way to Toys ‘R’ Us, Griffin Steele and his father stopped at a gas station to put air in their car’s tires, WBMF reports. While there, Griffin found a $20 bill with red dye on it.

“I was like, ‘Dad, look, a $20 bill,’” he said. “And (it) had some red thing on it. And he went inside the store.”

Curious, Steele’s father went inside the store to purchase a Gatorade for his son and to ask the store clerk if the bill was legitimate. When Griffin later went to throw the drink’s plastic outer wrapping away, he discovered a large bag of money.

The father immediately called the police, who confirmed that the money came from an earlier bank robbery.

Griffin said he never thought about keeping the money.

“There was a lot of it that didn’t have the red on it but I wanted to do the right thing,” he told WBTW.