Guilford County pet owner turns over 23 dogs to shelter

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Guilford County Animal Control officers say it's not a case of animal abuse. Instead, officers feel that an eastern Guilford County pet owner was overwhelmed by keeping up with 23 dogs.

"I think it wasn’t a situation that the owner intended to find themselves in. It reinforces the importance of spay and neutering,” Guilford County Animal Services Director Drew Brinkley said.

The 23 dogs are currently housed in the intake building. The pets will get the medical care they need. Plus, their behavior will be watched carefully. Sometimes dogs from an overcrowding situation are not used to being around people.

"In some of these dog cases, they might not have the highest degree of sociability. So we are exploring rescue placement for them,” Brinkley said.

A rescue group or foster family can provide the right environment a traumatized dog needs in order for it to adjust to being around a family. After spending some time with a foster family or rescue group, Brinkley says there's a chance some of the 23 dogs will be ready for adoption.

"We have a presence online and on Facebook and we always encourage people to visit us here at the shelter to see what’s available for adoption.”

The owner of the 23 dogs will not face any charges.