Rocks thrown into traffic on Bryan Boulevard in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Greensboro police still have no leads or possible suspects in the vandalism of at least three cars Friday night on Bryan Boulevard.

Driver Caroline Tumbas was one of three who witnessed two men throwing rocks at traffic around 10 p.m. between the Holden and Westridge exits.

“I saw his arm sling back and I knew something was going to hit my car, and then I just heard all of this, all of this, what I assumed was rocks coming down all over the car,” Tumbas said.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but Tumbas and the police department are concerned for what could have happened on a busy roadway.

“It makes me mad to think that someone thought that this would be a fun Friday night thing when I’m just coming home from work and going on a street that I drive on multiple times a day,” Tumbas said.