Alamance-Burlington School System plan to vote on redistricting plan

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. – Parent Susan Hearn says she’s not alone with her concerns about a high school redistricting plan that board members with the Alamance-Burlington School System will take up tonight.

“Certainly anger, frustration,” Hearn said. “I deal with my kids everyday who are upset.”

Her twins, Ella and Logan, are rising freshman. They want to follow in the footsteps of their older brother and attend Western Alamance High.

But because of the school system's proposed redistricting plan, if passed, they’ll have to go to Walter M. Williams High.

Hearn says her children will be split from their friends who they’ve known since kindergarten.

“They really need their peer group that year. Moving from middle school to high school, I think, is one of the tougher transitions,” Hearn said.

Hearn says if board members pass the plan, her family will consider moving so her kids can go to Western Alamance High.

The goal of the redistricting plan is to address overcrowding. Even though the system refers to the proposal as the high school redistricting plan—the proposed changes will effect high schools and middle schools. In the coming year, 300 students are expected to be impacted.

The plan has several components, including building a fifth high school that will take at least three years to construct, and the changing of school zones that would be enforced this upcoming school year.

To read the entire plan, click here.

Hearn started an online petition in the hopes of persuading board members to not pass the redistricting plan. She will attend the meeting tonight, where board members are expected to vote.

Hearn says many parents learned about this specific redistricting plan at the end of 2016. Critics of the plan want board members to allow incoming freshman for the fall of 2017 to be grandfathered into their originally zoned schools. The plan already has a grandfather clause that would allow current students to stay at their school.