Woman lived with sister’s corpse for more than a year, police say

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BROOKLINE, Mass. -- Massachusetts police say a woman lived with her 67-year-old sister's corpse for more than a year after she passed away.

On Dec. 14, a relative discovered Hope Wheaton's body underneath the kitchen table and authorities believe 74-year-old Lynda Waldman was living in the home the whole time, according to WBZ.

When the body was discovered, Waldman had to be informed of her sister's death, even though she was still living in the house. Health officials believe the duo had a hoarding issue, which may have contributed to why the sister lived with the corpse for so long.

“They are not aware. They are afraid if they go tell authorities,” said hoarding specialist Kimberly Dr. Glazier Leonte.

Police do not suspect foul play.