Ohio man accused of sucking teen’s toes at mall

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Joseph Jones

TOLEDO, Ohio — An 18-year-old Ohio teen says she was working at a mall store when a well-dressed man who asked to see her shoes ended up sucking her toes and feet.

The incident occurred before Christmas when the girl said a man approached her and complimented her shoes, asking if he can see them, WTOL reports.

That’s when the alleged toe-sucker struck.

“He subsequently ended up sucking her toes and her foot, and she froze and didn’t know what to do,” said mother Melissa Portala. “He did kiss her on the cheek and told her he would be back.”

Portala’s daughter filed a police report, which eventually led to the arrest of suspect Joseph Jones. Jones, who was charged with sexual imposition, posted bail and is back on the streets.

Determined to put him behind bars indefinitely, the mother took to Facebook to share the story and ask more victims to step forward.

“If you are willing to file a report. Send me your name and phone number to FootFetishPerv@gmail.com,” one post reads. “I will get them to the officer in charge. You can also go downtown and file a report. A lot of women are PMing me on this. I know you need to be heard. Thank you for contacting me.”