Local woman warns of scammer claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Lori Pawson never hangs up on scammers.

"I listen to them, let them go through their whole spill," said the insurance agent who has a lot of elderly clients. "I have to learn what these scammers are telling people, I have to learn as an individual citizen and keep the elderly safe."

This week she received several calls from someone claiming she had won $1.5 million from Publisher's Clearing House.

The scammer told Pawson she would need to send $260 for a registration fee to claim her prize but when she called the scammer out he threatened to send a gunman to shoot her.

"That would be very scary and that's one reason I do let it go on that long to see what the reaction would be if they had people that would go along with them that far," said Pawson. "So many of them are like my father where they watch TV but they can't hear well or see well so really only hear bits and pieces," she said. "So I tell [my clients] the whole scam that's going on, or what have you or what to look out for."

Pawson did report the threatening call to law enforcement.

Publisher's Clearing House, which has been used in a number of scams, says they warn people they will never require you to send money to claim a prize.