Keeping your pets protected during cold weather

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You may have always heard, they have a fur coat, pets are fine in the cold -- but no matter what kind of coat your pet has, if they succumb to frost bite or hypothermia, you have to act quickly.

With the next round of winter weather on its way, make sure you're prepared.

“Obviously chills and shaking, as we would do if we were out there," said .. "Then it kind of goes into a stupor and then a coma, and they get very quiet. When that temperature goes down, the body can actually shut down.”

If your pet is wet, dry them off! Hair dryers work great but avoid direct heat like a heating pad because you can accidentally cause burns. The best way to warm up your pet? blankets.

Remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it will save you a big vet bill.

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