Winston-Salem woman changes diet, loses more than 160 pounds, no longer needs meds

KING, N.C. – NaTasha Glaspy has experienced an amazing transformation.

“My heaviest weight was 376 pounds and now I weigh 213,” Glaspy said.

She began her wellness journey in March 2015 after learning about a health and fitness program at the YMCA.

Losing more than 160 pounds is a huge achievement, but the other benefit is that Glaspy no longer has to take medication for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

It didn’t happen overnight, but her small changes gradually made a difference in the doctor’s office.

That’s a big part of the message fitness professionals want to send.

“When you start your journey, it always should be a lifestyle change. It shouldn’t be ‘why I want to lose 10 pounds.’ If you’ve got this goal we’ll help you, but it’s not always just about the weight,” said Stephanie Durick, a personal trainer at the Stokes Family YMCA.

“There are non-scale victories and that’s definitely a big thing,” Glaspy said.

You will want to check with your doctor to see how diet and fitness could address your specific health issues.