Greensboro family wants justice for toddler killed in hit-and-run

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Greensboro family whose toddler died in a hit-and-run says police are not doing enough to track down the driver. The family says a friend of theirs sped off in his truck after hitting 18-month-old Amariani Doris Pulliam in their driveway back in September.

"Right before he did what he did to her, he was playing with her. He was holding her and blowing kisses and throwing her. I don't understand how you could just play with her and be loving her and then just leave her like a cup on the side of the road and not say anything. Just leave my baby,” said Chrisann Capshaw, the toddler’s mother.

Capshaw says Guillermo Ortega-Tolentino was a friend of the family and former boss of the toddler’s dad. Greensboro police are searching for him.

Almost four months after their daughter’s death, the family feels the investigation is at a standstill. Ortega-Tolentino is still nowhere to be found.

"I feel like we are at a dead end and I feel like we are not getting any help from the places that were supposed to be helping us," said Doris Bucciano, the toddler's grandmother.

Greensboro police say they have already reached out to anyone who may know where Ortega-Tolentino is and are working with the U.S. Marshals to find him.

With Ortega-Tolentino still out there, the family says they haven't found any closure.

"I can't sleep," said Capshaw. "Every time I look at my son I see my daughter. He always asks me for her. What do I do?"

Capshaw says her family has taken it upon themselves to track down Ortega-Tolentino.

"I understand if it was an accident," said Bucciano. "We understand that, we all understand that. For you as a man to just take a coward way and just run away and be able to look at your children in the face every day.”

The family believes Ortega-Tolentino is in Mexico. Greensboro police say if that is the case, it makes their investigation much more challenging.

"The things I'm doing, the police should be doing," said Capshaw. "I'm just asking anybody, everyone please just help me bring the man that killed my daughter to justice.”

Greensboro police say they will continue to search for Ortega-Tolentino until he is in custody. Anyone with information on where he might be located is asked to contact the police department at (336) 373-1000.