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Viral video: Grandpa loses teeth playing ‘Speak Out’

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- A hilarious viral video posted on Facebook shows a grandfather losing his dentures while playing the game "Speak Out" with his family.

"Speak Out" is a game where people try to say phrases while wearing a mouthpiece.

That's when Don Briggs, known as Poppy to his family, put the mouthpiece in backward, which caused the hilarious moment.

"He was saying his card, and we all saw his teeth starting to come loose," said granddaughter Amy Taylor, according to KTRK. "We all started screaming. He made a face at my daughter, and out they came on the floor."

At least he was a good sport about it and found it almost as funny as his family.

The video, which was published on Dec. 25, has more than 38 million views, 738,000 shares and 156,000 likes.