NC man survives terrifying bear attack

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Courtesy - WLOS

MITCHELL COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina man survived a horrifying face-to-face encounter with a 390-pound bear.

Mike Wilson was bear hunting with dogs when he turned around and looked the massive bear in the eyes, WLOS reports. The bear, who swiped his face and neck, barely missing his jugular vein, ran away after the encounter.

Wilson says he was coming down a hill and the bear coming up when the incident occurred.

When he saw the bear, his first instinct was to shoot it. But, he quickly realized that taking the bear down wouldn’t be easy.

“Shoot it, of course. And I did,” Wilson said. “But trying to get another shell in my gun, it just overrun me and knocked me down the hill.”

The bear injured two dogs and killed another before running away and hiding in a hole.

A hunter in his group arrived and killed the bear before taking Wilson to the hospital. He received 30 stitches.

The group later hung the bear and skinned it.