2 years later, runaway cat found in NC returns home for Christmas

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WORMLEYSBURG, Pa. -- A woman in Pennsylvania calls this her Christmas miracle, according to WHTM.

She's been reunited with her cat that she lost in North Carolina two years ago.

"He's one of the best cats ever because he is just really snugly and cute,” said Sara Arndt, Finick's owner. "My baby Finick, is named so because he's very finicky."

An ode that proved true two Christmases ago, on a pit stop from South Carolina, to the Arndt's home in Wormleysburg.

"So I was holding him and my friend was excited to see me that she yelled 'Sara' and the cat got scared and ran away,” Arndt said. “I spent two days looking like a crazy person going up and down the streets sobbing."

For two years, no Finick -- but always on Sara's mind and I-pad.

"We all say, he's fine, I'm sure that he found a nice little woman to look after him but you never really expect those things to be true,” Arndt said.

Meanwhile, in Wendell, North Carolina, Diane Lewis gave Finick a temporary home and named him Bailey.

"About a year ago this big fluffy black cat used to run in and real scared and get real scared and run off,” Lewis said. "He would start loving up to me once he got over the fear and so he was just a sweetheart so I brought him in the house."

On Tuesday, Arndt got a Facebook message from a veterinary in North Carolina that said they found a cat that was micro-chipped to her name.

So Arndt’s sister drove seven hours there and back to pick the cat up.

“As soon as I picked him up he started purring,” Arndt said. "Two years and he survived somehow without front claws … it's a Christmas miracle."