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USPS ramps up efforts during holiday rush

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Some call it the "Super Bowl" of handling mail.

Workers at post offices throughout the Piedmont are quickly sorting through crates, stuffed with boxes and letters, hoping to get them to their destinations by Christmas Day.

"We'll be delivering packages right up until Christmas Eve,” said Jason DeChambeau, senior plant manager for the USPS processing and distribution center in Greensboro.

The 24-hour plant is normally staffed with about 800 workers, but during the holiday season, they bring on a lot more help.

"We hire an additional 130 employees," DeChambeau said.

DeChambeau says employees have been working around the clock.

"Some employees are working 12 hours a day, seven days a week,” he said.

On an average day, the plant processes about 7.5 million pieces of mail from letters to packages.

But during the holiday rush, that number jumps to about 8.5 million pieces of mail.

"It's a huge increase in terms of packages and first class letters," he said.

DeChambeau says the plant sees about a 15 percent increase in packages.

Some of that mail includes letters mailed directly to the "big man" himself.

"There's a significant amount of mail that comes in here addressed to Santa," DeChambeau said.