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Shipping packages in time for Christmas

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The week before Christmas, post offices are flooded with customers trying to ensure their packages arrive in time for the holiday.

“Any class of mail should get [there] in North Carolina before Friday or Saturday,” said Jon Adams, lead sales service associate at the USPS Battleground station in Greensboro.

Adams says most of the items are being mailed Priority in order to ensure Christmas delivery, but customers will most likely need to consider a faster shipping method the longer they wait.

“If you come in Thursday, depending on your location Priority might make some of it, you might have to go Express mail, guaranteed overnight to get it to the destination," he said.

In order to avoid slowing down the shipping process, Adams says people should make sure the sender and recipient addresses are in the correct places.

If they are in reverse order the package could be returned to the sender.

On its website, The United States Postal Service has provided a list of suggested shipping deadlines for an expected delivery by Dec. 25.