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NC Electoral College casts all 15 votes for Trump, Pence

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All 15 North Carolina Electoral College votes were cast Monday for President-elect Donald Trump.

“We’ve made a decision. The Electoral College is not up for debate,” said Dr. Glenn Pinckney, a North Carolina presidential elector. “It’s not a process that we just started yesterday. It’s not something that a Republican had an idea of last week, it’s an established procedure.”

In November, nearly 50 percent of the voters in North Carolina chose Trump as their president-elect.

To become president, nominees must win 270 electoral votes. Trump, who lost the national popular vote, won enough states to total 306 electoral votes, WNCN reports.

Presidential electors in the state say they have received thousands of letters asking them to change their vote, but electors stood their ground on Monday, selecting the two initial candidates.