Wife finds creative way to include deployed military husband in family Christmas photo

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A wife in Colorado came up with a unique way to include her deployed military husband in her family’s Christmas photo.

Ashley Sistrunk’s husband Brandon, 29, who is an Air Force staff sergeant, is currently serving in Iraq and doesn’t expect to be home until next month, according to TODAY.

Discouraged by family Christmas photos on Facebook, Ashley decided to get creative.

“At first it bummed me out. I was so sorry for myself, thinking, ‘I just want a picture with my husband in a Christmas photo,’ and that’s when I thought, I can put him in a photo,” she said.

So earlier this month, she gathered her four children and took a picture that included the family, along with herself holding part of a sign that simply said “Christmas.” She then asked her husband to create the “Merry” portion of the sign from Iraq. Thanks to Photoshop, she was able to put the two moments together and create a beautiful family Christmas photo.

“I was very happy with the idea of still being able to display our family greetings to our friends,” Brandon said. “Ashley has always been very creative and good about things for us to do as a family. (It) helps me because I am not creative!”

With him being deployed, Brandon has missed several key events in his children’s lives, including the births of his first three. But he is happy to be included in the photo.

“We have always talked about what it would be like for our story to be told for other military families out there. That way they could see they are not alone,” he said.