Post on eBay auctioning off accused SC serial killer real estate sign removed

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An eBay account receives bids on a Todd Kohlhepp real estate sign. The post has since been removed from the website.

MOORE, S.C. — There are less than three days left to bid on memorabilia from an accused serial killer, according to WHNS.

That’s right. A Todd Kohlhepp real estate sign is up for auction on popular e-commerce site eBay. As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, 12 bids had already been placed for the item, priced online at $37.

The sign reads, “Todd Kohlhepp & Associates Real Estate ‘FOR SALE,'” and lists a phone number. The starting price for item when it was posted on December 10 was just $0.99.

Todd Kohlhepp is facing seven murder charges for the deaths of Meagan and Johnny Coxie, Brown’s boyfriend Charlie Carver, and four victims slain in 2003 in Superbike Motorsports. Kohlhepp formerly worked as a realtor at Todd Kohlhepp & Associates, LLC in Spartanburg County.

The owner of the account posted the following description with the post advertising the sign:

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp is a suspected American serial killer who confessed to having murdered seven people in the state of South Carolina since 2003.

They were found in his trash can by the curb in Moore S.C.

FOX Carolina has reached out to the owner of the account for more information, but has not received a response at this time. The post was removed from the website shortly after we reached out to the account owner for comment.