Popular Greensboro coffeehouse closing on Christmas Eve

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After five years in business, Beans Boro Coffeehouse and Roastery will close its doors on Christmas Eve. The coffee shop has gained a strong following from coffee lovers in the northwest area of Greensboro.

"It's almost like losing a friend and the coffee itself, even though now I'm decaffeinated, is excellent," said Jim Whiting, a customer who lives only five minutes away from the shop located on Horse Pen Creek Road.

Kyle Burge opened Beans Boro in 2011 and has run the shop nearly entirely on his own. "It's very sad, you know, it kind of hurts to let go of this place that I consider my home. It's like family and definitely it's very sad to let go after five years, five amazing years," Burge said.

Burge started roasting coffee beans years ago and developed a love for the art. He roasted organic, fair-trade beans almost daily. "I pretty much roast every bag by hand you won't find that everywhere," he said.

Burge says the pressure and stress of running the small business has gotten to be too much. "You're by yourself, hard to find employees, you're managing everything, your costs, time, things like that, running it, marketing, everything kind of falls on you," he said.

Burge says a combination of things lead him to close the coffee shop, but it was an extremely difficult decision.