High Point police use grant to help with troubled area

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point police plan to put more officers on the street.

A federal grant will mean more face-to-face policing and an ability to focus on areas where there are problems.

Recently, the department received the $400,000 community oriented policing grant which will pay for eight additional officers.

"East central is probably the highest crime area, that's where we have the most concern,” said Capt. Michael Kirk.

Gail Casey moved into her Dallas Avenue neighborhood a few years ago, which is in that area, and quickly worried that they didn't make a great choice.

"We had a guy get murdered, we had shooting right across the street literally. We have our babies out here, you know what I’m saying,” said Casey. "Police ride by…because there is not a lot of them and they cannot patrol every street every minute of the day."

High Point police say that assaults and robberies are the big problem in the east central area.

Jim Summey, the executive director for High Point Community Against Violence, sees this as a way to change lives.

"We are working every day to be able to work together with the police department to make sure we are giving the best opportunity, focusing on the right people and helping them to see that, hey, this is not any way to live,” he mentioned.

High Point police hope to hire these officers in the next six months.

“But we need more, we need more. There is no doubt about it because if we had more maybe a lot of this other stuff wouldn't be going on,” Casey said.