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Dog and her puppies found abandoned in High Point get adopted

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- An abandoned dog and her two puppies now have forever homes. It is a happy update to a very sad story we first told you about on FOX8 last week.

The dogs were left on a corner in High Point on a freezing night. Thanks to police and a dispatcher who took the dogs in, they now all have new families.

Joe Bartsch and his wife adopted the older dog.

"Just within the two days that we've had her, we are falling in love," Bartsch said.

The dog’s new name is Maggi and her pups are Marshall and Rory.

"I saw the story and I said, 'you know something has to be done'," Bartsch said. ”I just hated the fact that that somebody would dump out the dog and then the puppies along with it.”
Dawn Watlington adopted one of the puppies.

“Anytime you hear about someone being so cruel and leaving these precious babies out in the cold and their mama, you know it just tugs at the heart," Watlington said.

Only about a week after being rescued, the dog’s lives have drastically changed.

“He is fitting in so well. He gets lots of love, lots of attention," Watlington said.

The dispatcher who took the dogs in knew the puppies would be adopted quickly. It took a special couple to take in their mom.

“We lost our dog and I thought it would be great for my wife to have another dog to give her company during the day while I'm gone," Bartsch said. "She's going to be a great addition to the family."

Around 30 people interested in adopting the dogs called the High Point non-emergency number.

The dispatcher who took in the dogs says that she will hold on to some of those names, just in case anything like this happens again.