Denzel Washington visits childhood librarian for her 99th birthday

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MARIETTA, Ga. — A retired librarian who knew Denzel Washington as a child received an amazing 99th birthday present when he stopped by her assisted living facility to pay a visit.

Long before he became famous, Washington, 61, was a young boy growing up in New York, according to CBS News. When he was 7 years old, Connie Mauro gave him his first library card.

Nearly 50 years later, staff members at Atria Johnson Ferry, an assisted living facility in Georgia, decided to see if her favorite actor would call or visit.

After several calls, they finally got in touch with him. Due to his busy schedule, Washington wasn’t able to visit on her birthday, but he called and told her would come by in December.

Mauro’s granddaughter posted about the December visit on Reddit last week.

“He was so nice and caring,” the Reddit post continued. “Laughing with her and holding her hand like he was old friends with her. He teared up a few times seeing the love and respect she showed for him. She knits a scarf a day and gave him three for him, his wife, and his mother. My mom and I were there with him and my grandma and it was such a cool experience. He kept saying with his publicist ‘this is what it’s all about.'”

Atria Johnson Ferry also posted about the visit on Facebook:

Denzel had promised Connie a visit when he called her on her 99th birthday and today it happened! We were so lucky to be able to witness their sweet reunion. They shared conversation about the importance of giving back and then both name dropped people from Mt. Vernon. It was a magical experience for Connie but the magic of it has swept through our entire community. What a beautiful moment!