Winston-Salem package theft caught on camera; another thwarted by alert homeowner, postal worker

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- If you want to catch a package thief, check out the video above. The suspect may not be who you would picture.

Winston-Salem police say the woman in the video stole a package off the front porch of a home on Sweetgrass Trail on Dec. 8.

“An older lady, not unlike myself,” said the victim’s mother, Shellie Brewer.

Brewer tells FOX8 her daughter and husband had been at the home moments before the video was taken. When they left, the thief arrived.

“They had been watching. They knew and that’s kind of scary. That actually scared her quite a bit, too, thinking about that, that somebody had been watching them,” Brewer said, of her daughter.

The video shows the thief grab the package, then hustle back to a white passenger vehicle, before driving out of frame.

“You’re in a very busy neighborhood and think that those things are safe,” Brewer said.

Package theft is something law enforcement agencies nationwide warn will increase during the holiday season. Winston-Salem police did not have the number of package thefts which have occurred in the city on hand, but did say they have seen an uptick.

“It makes you leery, you’ve gotta be careful,” Brewer said.

In fact, another package theft was thwarted in the city on Wednesday morning thanks to an alert postal worker and homeowner. Police say a postal worker noticed someone following him and the homeowner where a package was delivered was at the residence.

When the would-be thief attempted to steal it, the homeowner confronted the person, who then fled from the area. Thanks to descriptions provided by the homeowner and postal worker, police were able to catch the would-be thief.