Randolph County Sheriff’s Office raids two additional marijuana operations

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Randolph County sheriff's deputies raided two more major marijuana grow operations Wednesday.

The first one happening at a home on Howard Auman Road near Asheboro, where deputies discovered over 200 marijuana plants.

Later, they found close to 600 plants on Willie Wright Road near Ramseur.

“With all three of these houses we have thus far, we feel like if it's not the top it is one of the top operations that we have discovered,” Sheriff Robert Graves said.

This makes it three times in five days that the Randolph County Sheriff's Office has made busts like these.

Officers say they had been staking out the two locations out since Tuesday night and think all three could be connected.

“[The] system, same type of lighting, stealing power -- all three of three of these houses seem to be set up the same,” Graves said.

While the conversation of whether it should be legal or not goes on, Graves says this is about safety.

“No matter how strong or weak it could be, it is still strong to a child and we're in the business that we are going to protect our children,” he said.

No arrests have been made yet.  Both homes were vacant at the time.

Between all three busts combined, the sheriff’s office thinks the drugs are worth more than $1 million.