Anti-litter campaign in Reidsville gets results

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REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- It appears Reidsville's new anti-litter campaign is making a difference. A month ago Reidsville police cracked down on littering in two neighborhoods. Now, an illegal dumpsite off of Lawndale Drive has been discovered and called in to authorities.

"This was noticed, reported to public works and we've been working with code enforcement to identify and get this cleaned up," said Reidsville police Lt. Chuck Evitt.

Pat Knowles is the solid waste superintendent for the City of Reidsville. She is working with the police and other city and civic groups to quickly to get rid of the mattresses, clothes, bottles and a sofa that's sitting on the side of Lawndale Drive.

"With it laying here, others see it and get an idea maybe I can put mine there too. It's a magnet. It will draw more," Knowles said.

A police investigation has identified two people. Reidsville police feel charges could be coming for the two people that dumped their trash on private property. The two violators could face fines and community service. So dumping unwanted household items doesn't make sense.

"There's a dump facility or recycling facility within driving distance. Weekend, evening hours -- absolutely no reason to dump," Evitt said.

Plus Knowles adds the City of Reidsville could have removed the items.

"We have a route that runs all the city streets. We will pick it up. There's no need to go far off of the road. Keep it at the curb and we will pick it up if you are inside of the city limits," Knowles said.

The property owner says he has hired someone to clean up the trash off of Lawndale Drive. Reidsville police says it's possible the two violators will have to reimburse the owner for the clean up.