Popular stroller-based workout available to Piedmont moms

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Fit4Mom’s Stroller Strides class is now available in the Piedmont.

The class is designed to give moms a workout through power walking, jogging and upper body exercises.

Their children are with them during the class.

Fit4Mom is a national company, but it’s new to Greensboro.

Franchise owner and instructor Tara Wommack brought it to the area about two months ago.

“We have so much fun, it’s like you kind of forget that you’re getting such a great workout in when we’re singing songs and entertaining our kids,” she said.

The group meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Greensboro Arboretum from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Participants say they enjoy being able to focus on their fitness without having to put their children in day care and that the group allows them to build connections with other moms.

“I’ve made some really good friends here,” Daniella Valencia said.

“You can’t always relate with other people the way you can with another mom who’s having those sleepless nights, who’s working on potty training,” Nicole DePriest said.

DePriest has enjoyed the program so much that she recently became a certified instructor to teach two Fit4Mom classes.

She says that is her way of giving back and helping other moms.

For many of the participants, it has become more than an exercise program, it’s also a support group.

“I really like to think of it as a village first and then the workout component is just more of what binds us a little bit tighter,” Wommack said.

To participate, visit the website for the Greensboro location.

Currently, Greensboro is the only Fit4Mom location in the Piedmont.

On certain days, the kids have playgroups after the workout where there is usually a craft activity.

There is a fee to participate in the workout group, but the playgroups are open to the community.