Comedian Jeff Foxworthy surprises mother, buys her groceries

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FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Comedian Jeff Foxworthy decided to spread a little Christmas cheer this past weekend.

Robin McFadden was checking out at the Georgia grocery store and trying to get her coupons in order when she became agitated with her three children, who would not calm down.

As McFadden fumbled around her purse, several of the items were not ringing up properly. Noticing she was upset, someone behind her asked, “how much is she short?”

According to WSB-TV, she turned around and quickly noticed it was famous comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

“The kids were restless and look who was behind me,” McFadden said in a Facebook post. “He paid for my order when I wasn’t looking! I love <3 Jeff Foxworthy!”

Before she could reply, Foxworthy paid for her groceries.

“I told him that he was going to make me cry and then I took the photo. I’m so thankful for him,” she said.