As rain moves toward NC, crews make progress on wildfires

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(Credit: WSOC)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — As crews prepare for possible weather relief throughout North Carolina, firefighters are making progress on several fires, including the Party Rock Fire.

Almost all major fires are at least 50 percent contained with several at 80 percent or higher, according to WSOC. 2,500 firefighters and other personnel have achieved high containment of some of the biggest wildfires in western North Carolina, authorities say.

As of Monday morning, the Party Rock Fire has burned through 7,145 acres and is 90 percent contained, the Maple Springs Fire has burned 7,788 acres and is 78 percent contained, the Boteler Fire 9,036 and the Tellico Fire 13,874. The Boteler fire is 85 percent contained while the Tellico Fire is 95 percent.

Smoke drifting on the wind has caused air-quality problems in some urban areas far from the wildfires. Drought conditions have fed wildfires around the Southeast in recent weeks.

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