After Ohio State attack, how are Triad universities prepared for emergencies?

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Local universities want to make sure their students are safe. When an attack happens elsewhere, they try to learn from the situation.

"Any significant learnings that Ohio State has, we will apply that to our campus and improve our emergency management program," said Gus Porter, the safety and preparedness manager at High Point University.

Many local schools already have plans for the worst.

"Unfortunately, the sad reality is that we have to be prepared for anything that happens," Porter said. "We see the number of active shooter events rising nationally."

High Point University and Wake Forest University focus on alerting students, teaching them how to respond and training first responders on what to do.

"Sometimes those situations are over very very quickly, even before we put out an alert, so we want the public and members of our community to be able to make a decision on how they should personally respond," said August Vernon, the emergency manager at Wake Forest University.

Both HPU and Wake say they re-evaluate their emergency plans annually and say if they learn anything valuable from events, like the one at Ohio State, changes will be made as soon as possible.