Amazon, Trump website offers ‘Make America Great Again’ Christmas ornaments

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Newly crowned President-elect Donald Trump is offering customers something a little different this holiday season -- a red "Make America Great Again" hat ornament.

Donald Trump's website says the ornament is "made of brass and finished in 24-karat gold."

The iconic hat, which was worn by the future commander-in-chief during various stages of his presidential campaign, is available for $149.

In addition to his website, Amazon is offering the ornament.

The item, which is listed as "currently unavailable," has plenty of Amazon users and critics of the President-elect up in arms.

"Perfect for your rotten tangerine. Its small size makes it easy for tiny hands to handle," one user wrote. "Poorly made though, almost like it was made from substandard materials by severely underpaid employees in a dilapidated factory overseas. The gold started turning green almost immediately."

But some users had better things to say about the product.

"What a cute way to celebrate this very special Christmas! Great quality, unique and memorable design."

As of Friday morning, the item has 1.7 stars out of 5.


You can purchase one here.