Police crack down on holiday travelers

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According to AAA, 1.4 million North Carolinians are traveling this Thanksgiving. For those hitting the road, police are making sure they get to their destination safely.

This morning, more than 160 tickets were given out on Highway 311 in High Point. Local police are teaming up with other area agencies and concentrating their patrols where there are lots of crashes or complaints about speeders. It is all part of a statewide initiative to curb speeding and make sure everyone is buckled up.

Many travelers who passed through Alamance County say they are happy to see officers watching the roads.

"It’s always good to know that they are there and if there is an accident that they are readily available," said Jim Sparks, a traveler from Ohio.

"We rely on those people to keep traffic going in a good direction and keeping us safe," said Christopher Schwallenberg, a traveler from Roanoke, Virginia.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is asking people to plan ahead, stay alert and buckle up, in every seat, every time.

Officers in the state will be continuing to crack down on drivers through the holiday season.