86-year-old man battling cancer knits hats for premature babies

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ATLANTA — You’re never too old to learn something new — and one 86-year-old Georgia man is proof of that.

When Ed Moseley found out his assisted living facility’s plan to knit caps for premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, he wanted to help, KTVU reports. The problem was, he had never knitted before.

Moseley, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, taught himself to knit and organized a hat knitting group to teach others so the group could give more to Northside Hospital in Atlanta.

On Nov. 17, he presented more than 300 hand-knitted hats to the hospital to celebrate World Prematurity Day.

“It’s great to receive these wonderful gifts. Many times our families don’t expect to be introduced to the special care nursery, so to have a gift left at the bedside, or a nurse put the hat on the little baby’s head, makes it all seem less like a hospital,” said Linda Kelly, clinical manager at Northside Hospital’s special care nursery.