Little girl gives 82-year-old widower new purpose in life

AUGUSTA, Ga. – Six months after losing his wife, Dan Peterson said he was “waiting to die.”

But a chance meeting at a grocery store changed everything – and gave him a love he said he never knew existed.

CBS Evening News reported that 82-year-old Peterson fell into a deep depression after losing his wife.

About six months later, he said he went to the grocery store when he was approached by 4-year-old Norah Wood.

Norah said to him, “Hi old person, it’s my birthday today” and demanded a hug.

Peterson hugged her and the child’s mother took a picture of the two new friends.

“She zeroed in on him like a missile. And she didn’t want anything from him,” said Norah’s mother Tara. “She just wanted to make him feel loved and give him a hug. And his little lip quivered and he was teared up and it was just sweet.”

Norah continues to visit her friend at least once a week. Every time it’s the grocery store all over again.

“And I said, ‘You don’t know. This is the first time, for quite a while, that I’ve been this happy,’” Peterson said.