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Foods to avoid when feeding your dog leftover Thanksgiving dinner

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It’s almost Thanksgiving and we love to spend time with our families, gather and share a feast, but certain members may not be invited to dinner. I’m talking about your dog.

I'm guilty of sharing table food with my dog, Morgan, and not just on holidays. She is spoiled and I am guilty. I know some foods are dangerous for her to eat, and I stick to the basics… green beans, carrots, occasional popcorn… <<insert guilty face here>>

Morgan and I visited some awesome dogs and their moms and dads at Bark Park in Greensboro this week and I was curious about whether or not my “share the wealth” approach to food was the norm.

I got great answers to my questions and superb advice:

Lesson #1: Don’t share your food with your dog.

Lesson #2: People share their food with their dogs.

Lesson #3: If you must, check with your veterinarian first.

To determine what foods are safe, visit and