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Military father jumps out of box, surprises 3-year-old daughter during dance performance

HILTON, N.Y. — A 3-year-old girl received an amazing gift when her father returned from military duty and jumped out of a big pink box during her dance class to surprise her.

Spc. Paul Hayhurst was deployed and had been away from his family for seven months when he decided to surprise his daughter, Isabella, according to WHAM.

“It’s a pretty small box,” he said. “I thought I was going to fall out the back end of it.”

To make the moment perfect, Spc. Hayhurst spoke with Isabella’s dance studio and arranged the extra rememberable moment.

As she finished dancing, her performance was capped off by her father, who jumped out of the box to embrace his little girl.

“The hardest part was being homesick,” said Hayhurst. “Seeing pictures and not really being able to talk to them.”