Father allegedly shoved his fingers down 6-week-old infant’s throat to stop him from crying

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Robert Burnette, Megan Hendricks

WENTZVILLE, Mo. — Two Missouri parents are facing child abuse charges after police say the father shoved his fingers down his 6-week-old son’s throat to stop him from crying while the mother watched.

Police say the father, Robert Burnette, shook the baby and slammed him into a bed before he held him down and shoved his fingers down his throat, according to KMOV. While he abused the child, the mother, Megan Hendricks, watched and did not help, police say.

During an interview, Burnette admitted to shaking the infant, identified as J.B., and “being too rough with him.” The alleged abuse occurred between Oct. 18 and Nov. 7.

The baby is currently being treated for lack of oxygen to brain tissue, liver contusions, bleeding of the brain and several other ailments. Doctors say they don’t expect the child to survive. If he does, he will have severe physical and mental disabilities.

Burnette is being held on a $500,000 bond while Hendricks faces a $250,000 bond. Both are charged with abuse or neglect of a child.