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Tom Barrack: President Trump is ‘going to build a wall of understanding’

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Donald Trump’s longtime friend and fundraiser shared Wednesday he envisions a warm and humble Donald Trump as president, bearing little resemblance to the often times harsh and combative candidate many people became acquainted with on the campaign trail.

“His first objective right now is to to build a bridge to this divide,” businessman Tom Barrack told CNN’s Erin Burnett on “Erin Burnett OutFront.” “Reach out to the other side, unite this country and then create an agenda, so all these things that people are afraid of — what wall is he going to build, he’s going to build a wall of understanding. Right? This is America, you can’t be a dictator.”

Barrack explained that Trump will have to govern more like the man who delivered a gracious acceptance speech than the candidate who said he would put Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in jail.

“What’s happening is you’re moving from ‘Candidate Trump’ to ‘President Trump,’ and I analogize it to ‘Candidate Trump’ was like a UFC Fighter in the middle of an octagon and he was a martial artist using every tool that he could to convey a message,” he said. “And I think last night you saw the real Donald Trump: humble, kind, compassionate, with a simple agenda — and the agenda is to heal the divide.”