Texas officer’s 8-year-old daughter writes heartwarming note for grieving father

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FORT WORTH, Texas — A Texas police officer was headed to a fellow officer’s funeral in New York when he found a heartwarming note from his 8-year-old daughter in his suitcase.

The note, which was written by Fort Worth Police Sgt. Pablo Mendoza’s daughter Emily read, “Dear Dad, I’m sorry about NYPD officer. I pray and hope this violence stops. You are my hero. Be careful and be safe. Grace, Mom and I are going to miss you. WE LOVE YOU!”

“My daughters, they see the news and what’s going on — the violence toward police,” Mendoza said, according to FOX 4. “So they pray for me and other police officers on a nightly basis.”

Mendoza, along with three other officers, attended the funeral for an officer who was shot and killed last week. Emily, who says she tries to do something for her dad every time he leaves for work, slipped it into his suitcase before he left.

When asked about the note, Emily’s response was loving and innocent.

“He’s trying to protect our world and trying to make it even safer for people so there would be no more violence or anything like that,” Emily said.