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Greensboro Swarm kicks off season in new facility as coliseum continues to grow

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- This weekend, the Charlotte Hornets Developmental League team will make their debut on the court in front of a packed crowd in Greensboro.

It will be the first time the Greensboro Swarm’s new facility the Fieldhouse, which sits beside the coliseum, will open its doors to a lot of its new fans.

As players and coaches put their final touches on the game plan for Saturday night, crews are putting their final touches on the new arena.

“This is the former Pavilion in which we built in 2003…but the opportunity to convert this facility into the home of the D-League created a unique opportunity for us because we needed to a new roof anyways,” said Matt Brown, Managing Director for the coliseum.

More than a year after Greensboro was picked to be the home of the Charlotte Hornets D-League, workers started converting what was once known as the Pavilion into the Fieldhouse.

“I’m just more excited about the atmosphere, having a packed house in a new building and to get to see your team for the first time,” mentioned Noel Gillespie, Head Coach for the Swarm.

The new venue will offer a larger space with new locker rooms and better seating.

“We’ll have many other opportunities to host events in this facility like roller derby and wrestling and AAU basketball and other type of events,” Brown explained.

However, for Brown the new Fieldhouse is not where the buck stops.

“We are going to look forward to an expansion of the Aquatics Center, we got a brand new V.I.P. parking lot coming in right on the east side of the coliseum.  We are taking the revenues that we are generating with our facilities and putting it back into our facilities,” said Brown.

“I think it’ll be fun.  I think it’ll be fun for the people of Greensboro,” Swarm player Ralston Turner stated.

The Greensboro Coliseum has seen a lot of growth over the last five years.

The ACC Hall of Champions, Aquatic Center and the White Oak Amphitheatre opened in 2011.

The coliseum hosted over a thousand events last year with over $1.6 million people in attendance and generating over $100 million a year.