Student takes responsibility for ‘reprehensible’ message written on Elon University whiteboard

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(Photo by Laura Roselle, professor of political science and policy studies at Elon University, via Elon News Network)

ELON, N.C. -- On Thursday morning, an Elon faculty member found a message written on a corner of a classroom whiteboard that read “Bye bye Latinos hasta la vista,” according to Elon University.

The faculty member photographed the message, erased it and talked with the students about the message, the university said.

The faculty member also filed a notice of the incident.

An update from the university at 5 p.m. Thursday said a student has stepped forward and taken responsibility for the message. The university said the student is "deeply remorseful."

"The matter is being adjudicated through Elon’s Office of Student Conduct," the university said in a statement.

As of Thursday afternoon, the photograph has been shared on social media.

Prior to the student coming forward, Elon University President Leo M. Lambert said:

"I want to say emphatically that this incident is reprehensible and directly in conflict with Elon’s values of inclusion and treating each other with dignity and respect. Because this is a potential violation of Elon’s Code of Conduct, we will investigate the matter using our campus security camera system, attempt to determine who wrote the message and hold them accountable. Elon will not tolerate harassing, denigrating or intimidating actions that create a hostile environment."

Lambert also said, "I want to send a special message of support to our Hispanic/Latino students: Please know that this message does not represent our community. We stand with you and will do everything in our power to ensure your well-being, safety and security. We are committed to give every student the opportunity to feel welcome and valued, and to flourish and reach their full potential."

You can read Lambert's full statement by clicking here.