Greensboro agency helping ex-offenders find work celebrates grand opening

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Finding work can be taxing for anyone, but when you have a criminal record, it can be very discouraging.

“My main focus is working with justice served individuals, someone who is on paper, who has a record where it’s really hard to get a job,” said Bryan Johnson, CEO of Johnson’s Second Chance Staffing.

Johnson’s Second Chance Staffing has been operating since July but held a grand opening on Thursday as an official introduction to the community.

City and county elected leaders attended to learn more about the progress of the agency thus far and the needs moving forward.

Ronda Moore has been working with the agency - volunteering and taking classes – and is eager to work.

“I am a felon so my background hinders me from getting jobs,” she said.

Through the agency, Moore has been able to find resources and network with people who are in similar situations.

“If companies would not so much worry about what was in my past and work on me from here forward, then there would be no more crimes to be committed because I’m working. I have a stable income,” she said.

During the grand opening program, employers spoke about how the partnership with the agency has produced strong employees.

Jeffrey Wilkerson, someone who once struggled to find work because of a record related to traffic issues, not only has been employed for several months – he has been promoted to supervisor.

“If you don’t give up on yourself and you know within yourself that doesn’t define you, you just keep prospering,” he said.

Johnson says moving forward the agency is working to develop relationships with more companies and says 20 people have been put to work within the last 75 days.