Florida man dies with vote for Trump not counted due to signature dispute

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TAVARES, Fla. — A Florida man passed away without seeing his early vote for Donald Trump counted due to a signature dispute, according to Fox News.

To cast a vote in the 2016 presidential election was one of Thomas Korinko’s dying wishes, his family said.

Korinko’s mail-in ballot — postmarked Oct. 25 — had been discounted when officials ruled his frail signature did not match that on his voter registration, his family told Fox News. His family challenged the decision but to no avail.

“This was a man who knew he was going to die. There were a lot of things for him to think about. And one of the things at the top of the list was that he voted,” his son, Jeff Korinko, told Fox News Tuesday.

Jeff Korinko said the issue goes beyond his father’s vote — saying the signature-matching requirement discounts thousands of votes.

Thomas Korinko was diagnosed with liver cancer seven months ago and died Friday in a hospice in Tavares.

The Lake County Supervisor of Elections did not reply to a request for comment.