Donald Trump brings baby on stage during rally

TAMPA, Florida – Donald Trump brought a baby from the crowd on stage during a rally in Tampa, Florida on Saturday.

“Future construction worker,” Trump said as he held the baby for the crowd. “They did a great job. That is a great beautiful baby.”

Trump and Hillary Clinton entered the final weekend sprint toward the election Saturday, as the race was shadowed by threats of investigations, impeachment and a bitterly divided government that could prove to be an enormous governing challenge for whomever occupies the White House.

In his first stop on a four-state dash across the nation Saturday, Trump mocked the furious final push by the Clinton campaign to generate enthusiasm among millennials, which kicked off with a concert and rally Friday night with Jay Z and Beyoncé at Cleveland State University in Ohio.

“We don’t need Jay Z to fill up arenas. We do it the old-fashioned way,” Trump said to applause in Tampa, Florida. “We fill them up because you love what we’re saying and you want to make America great again.”