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Political parties push people to the polls in final stretch

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- In the final stretch before the election, both parties are pushing for voters' support in North Carolina. They’re bringing out star-power ahead of an early voting deadline Saturday.

“Every other day you have famous people coming to town, you have the president came, first lady has come to North Carolina,” said Valerie Jones.

Voters like Jones know how important this election is, trying to take advantage of early voting while they still can.

“It's gonna take up my day and a lot of my attention so I want to make sure my focus today is on voting,” Jones said.

Democrats are hosting barbecues across North Carolina to build excitement for Election Day and also canvassing for votes. Thousands of Republican volunteers also making calls and knocking on doors through the weekend before Tuesday.

The State Board of Elections says North Carolina has already passed early voting totals from 2012 with one more day to go.