Joe Biden campaigns for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Vice President Joe Biden urged hundreds of supporters to take advantage of early voting while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte Tuesday.

"Everything from civil rights to civil liberties to the economy to foreign policy is all at stake," said Biden, while speaking to supporters at the Arbor Glen Outreach Center.

Biden got right to the point, saying Clinton is best fit to be president.

"I'm sick and tired of hearing about America's best days are behind us,” Biden told the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, the most important thing that Hillary understands is that everybody, everybody should be treated decently. She knows what you and I know, given a fair chance the American people have never let their country down."

Biden made no mention of the FBI's decision to look into emails possibly tied to Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Instead he focused on what he says are the major differences between Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"We can't take our eye off the ball,” Biden said. “We have to focus on what's at stake. Everything's on the ballot, education is on the ballot, health care is on the ballot, national security is on the ballot. It's about our place in the world."

Biden urged those at the rally to vote for Clinton or risk losing the progress he says has been made under the Obama administration.

"We're in a position where everything we've done in the past eight years from the economy to social policy to environmental policy can be turned around," he said.

Many at the rally say they already know who they're voting for but just wanted an extra push.

"It really inspired me to get out and vote for not just the president -- which hopefully will be Hillary Clinton -- but also vote for state level because they're just as important," said Clinton supporter Colin Lamb.

"All of us matter,” said Clinton supporter Vanina Melendez. “All of us have to go out and vote. All of us are responsible for taking our future back."

A lot of people have been stumping for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina this week.

On Monday, Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine campaigned for her in Sanford and Jacksonville.