Massive pile of manure dumped outside Ohio Democratic Party headquarters

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LEBANON, Ohio — A massive pile of manure was dumped outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Warren County, Ohio Saturday morning.

Party chair Bethe Goldenfield took to Facebook Saturday afternoon, publishing a picture of the manure with a caption asking for answers.

“2016 manure incident at Warren County Democratic Party HQ,” she said. “What reasonable person thinks this is OK???? (This also happened in 2012.)
#TheyGoLowWeGoHigh and are more than ever focused on #GOTV.”

Goldenfield says the office is working with law enforcement to catch and charge the person who dumped the compost.

“We have cameras, and are currently reviewing the tape with the Sheriff’s Department, so hopefully the perps will be held accountable for their actions. I won’t be responding to anyone who thinks this is acceptable behavior. It is ILLEGAL!”

The incident comes several weeks after the Republican Party headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina was vandalized with graffiti and damaged with a flammable material.