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Jamestown couple turns their home into a ‘zombie apocalypse’

JAMESTOWN, N.C. – The zombie apocalypse has arrived in Jamestown.

Trish and Dusty Rhodes have been decorating their home with zombies for the past 10 years on Halloween.

The front yard of the home, at 207 Tangle Drive, includes ghosts, gravestones, a giant spider and a spooky zombie cage.

Trish Rhodes said they have a professional make-up artist coming to “zombify” the volunteers that will be scaring trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Some kids get so scared, they won’t even get out of their cars, Trish Rhodes said. She said it’s also entertaining for neighbors who like to watch.

The entire thing takes about a month to prepare, according to Rhodes. She said they started decorating on Oct. 1.

“We live for this holiday,” Trish Rhodes said. “It’s more than just going up to people’s houses and getting candy.”