BBB warns about election telephone scam

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The Better Business Bureau is warning people to be aware of election telephone scams.

Brian Wright, president/CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Northwest North Carolina, says there are currently three scams consumers should be aware of – one is a donation scam.

The caller may claim to represent a campaign and ask for a donation using a debit or credit card.

The concern is that it’s difficult to know where the money is really going.

“It’s always our recommendation that you go to the website for the candidate and make the donation there,” Wright said.

Consumers are asked to be cautious about taking surveys and polls as certain details could be a red flag for a scam.

Wright explains that the caller may attempt to entice a person to participate by offering a prize.

“Oftentimes they’ll say that you’ll get a gift card or an airline ticket for completing this survey, so at the end of the survey they’d say, ‘the last thing we need to do is get your credit card information. This will allow us to help defer the taxes for your prize,’” Wright said.

The third election scam to be aware of is related to voter registration.

A caller may claim a person’s voter registration needs to be updated or is no longer valid as way to gain access to someone’s personal information.

“They’ll collect sensitive information about who you are, where you live and that might lead to identity theft,” Wright said.

We contacted the Better Business Bureau locations for both Northwest North Carolina and Central North Carolina, both locations say there were no reports of people who had actually given money to someone conducting an election scam.

If you are concerned about a potential election telephone scam, contact your local Better Business Bureau or your Board of Elections office.